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Dr. Malaika is a licensed clinician with the state of California. She holds specializations in trauma and minority health and minority issues. She also holds interest in women and family issues.


Motivator & Author

  • Dr. Malaika is a much sought after speaker who works with youth groups, married couples and women. She is the author of "The Evolution of Gospel Music" and "Beginning Again".

Dr. Malaika is an experienced faculty member in the discipline of psychology. She teaches all levels in higher education and currently is an instructor for Citrus College, Pasadena City College and Pacific Oaks College.

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Living a healthy life begins with a healthy mind and spirit. Dr. Malaika Brown offers a wide variety of professional services to assist you along the journey. As a mental health clinician, educator, motivational speaker and author, she provides practical advice to help you live your life with purpose on purpose.