“...Our society bases success on aesthetics; just make it look good even if it isn’t.  In some cases hiding behind a mask will work for a limited time to one's advantage.  However, long term masking decays the value of individuality and ultimate worth as a person of purpose.  Breaking free and becoming one's true self is difficult at best and impossible at worst under those conditions.  The only time that true growth can occur is when one is allowed a safety zone to be who they are the way that they are; without a façade. This is why Dr. Malaika's Transformation Tuesdays are an invaluable tool.  Since there are very few safe places that will allow for transparency, offer advice, and encourage individuals that they are not alone, tuning in to Facebook live with her book entitled, Beginning Again, in hand has been life changing as well as liberating for me.  Now you must do your homework and follow through on your own time with the brief topics that are covered.  However, to have a guided journey is much easier than trying to go it alone.  There are questions that I have had and frustrations experienced that were simply taboo for conversations and questions.  Dr. Malaika keeps it simple, straight forward and removes the boundaries just long enough for one to experience real talk, real life for real resolve!  Check her out this Tuesday.

- Carolyn Olive

Applause for Dr. Malaika

“...Dr. Malaika Brown is an intellectual, well-versed genius in her field.  She was an absolute joy to have as the guest expert and keynote speaker on my national Trump-Trauma: Dealing with the Aftermath of the Election conference call.  Her expertise provided a tremendous framework for putting our feelings into words.  She shared clinical insight and practical steps for navigating through the myriad of emotions, many of the callers were experiencing and offered a comprehensive method for moving forward.  I’m looking forward to sharing future opportunities with her in the future and recommended her to others."

- Joyce Gilmer, CPC

Author, Speaker, Coach

Empowered Living Coaching & Consulting, LLC