Dr. Malaika's Story


"..Although she was speaking and teaching about the youth, I was still able to retroactively apply what she was saying to my life now. I will be applying these things to my life immediately going forward.
                                                          - Taneka W.

Dr. Malaika Brown is a native of sunny Southern California. Her love for helping others was made manifest at an early age---often offering a listening ear and help to those who needed it. She is an alumnus of Susan Miller Dorsey High School, San Bernardino Valley College, and Grand Canyon University. She currently holds an associate’s degree in liberal arts with an emphasis in social and behavioral sciences, a bachelor's degree in interdisciplinary studies and a master's degree in general psychology. She recently completed her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Walden University, graduating in the Winter of 2016. In addition to her secular degrees, Malaika produly holds three theology based degrees from Living Waters Theological University – a bachelor’s degree in Christian Education, a master’s degree in Sacred Music and a Doctorate of Theology degree, with an emphasis in Christian Education Administration.

Malaika holds interests in trauma, minority mental health, marriage and family counseling, substance abuse treatments, and integrative talk therapy. She has worked with youth as a Christian educator, mentor, tutor, and counselor. Her work with the youth began in formative years at her home church of Bethlehem Temple Church in Los Angeles, CA and continues as she serves her natural and spiritual father at Bethlehem Temple Community Church in San Bernardino, CA. The establishment of Your Beautiful Mind is the fulfillment of one of her short-term life goals. Her long-term goal is to establish a thriving practice as a licensed psychologist, while still volunteering her time through Your Beautiful Mind and in the community. She believes sincerely that ‘normal’ is a relative word and every mind was created unique and beautiful.